Spring Programme

A new 2-page format for our printed programme. Have a look at the images below, save to your device or pick one up at the centre.

Download the pdf here

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Community Religions Project – Leeds University

We recently welcomed a student from the Leeds University ‘Community Religions Project’ and have included the link below to the report.


“The most significant aspect which I will take away from this visit was how Buddhist teachings relate to everyday life, whether you are a part of the Buddhist religion or not. Visiting Leeds Jamyang Buddhist Centre exceeded my expectations and was a valuable experience. Many aspects surprised me such as the wide scope of individuals and lives all intertwined in one place to practice.”

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Comments on our planning application

We’ve had a few lovely comments recently on our new building planning application to Leeds City Council. Please read below. Don’t forget you can still donate for the campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/buildingacommunity-jbcl We should get a decision from the council by November 19th.

From a local charity:
“Connect for Health is a social prescribing service that works across South and East Leeds. We have identified that there is a lack of community provision in Holbeck and the clients we work with often have to access groups in Beeston or city centre.

We have worked with Jamyang to set up introductory meditation sessions which are tailored to our client group’s additional needs and also help them to access further classes. We ran a session in August which was very successful and received positive feedback – following this we have agreed to run monthly sessions for our clients.

As a Wellbeing Coordinator support clients who live in this area, I feel that Jamyang would be extremely beneficial to the community.”

From a local resident: 
“Since moving to the area over a year ago I have found development in the form of expensive trendy bars for the office workers in the Urban Village but an absolute dearth of proper community facilities – centres, churches and neighbourhood cafes.

The comprehensive scope of this application has great value to all residents in Holbeck- children and adults and the idea to create a hub around cafe facilities is immediately inviting in what can otherwise look like a bit of a wasteland (with very visible and saddening prostitution in evidence). I also commend the long-term faith in the area that this development shows – it would be all too easy to put such a facility in affluent north Leeds.

Holbeck desperately needs a revitalisation of its community facilities and something appealing across a diverse range such as this is is a most welcome and timely initiative. I hope it may encourage others.”

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The Move to 12 York Place

From Saturday 29th September 2018, we’ll be based around the corner at 12 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2DS. When you get to the property, go down the stairs on the outside and press the bell. Don’t use the very front door, we have our own entrance now! Any problems, give us a ring on the usual number: 07866 760 460.


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Geshe Tashi Appointed Abbot

For those of you who don’t know, Geshe Tashi Tsering is a Tibetan monk who has been resident in the UK teaching at many centre’s including Jamyang Leeds. In fact, Geshe Tashi was instrumental for inspiring the start of Jamyang Leeds 21 years ago.

So it is with some sadness but also rejoicing that we share the news: Geshe Tashi has been appointed as Abbot of Sera Mey monastery in South India. Clearly a very respected position, in what is one of the three great monastic seats of the Gelug tradition.

Here is the full news about what this means for our activities here in Leeds, and some advice we had from Geshe-la on Saturday.

With Love from Kerry all at Jamyang Leeds
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Building Found, Lama Zopa Approves

So the big announcement – the trustees and Director have found a suitable property for us to buy, and Lama Zopa just approved!

You’ve done such an amazing job at creating merit, that it’s all happening faster than we expected, and the property is bigger than any of us imagined! We would need to raise another £150,000 to make it happen, but with our merit and enthusiasm, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.



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Annual General Meeting – Sunday 8 October

We invite our whole community to join us as we report on the past year’s activities at Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds and look towards our future.
This is also a chance for you to have an input into the direction and emphasis of the Dharma Centre, share your views about what we’ve done over the past year and to share in our enthusiasm for the strategic plan which we still working with from last year.
Please do join us for a shared lunch at 12.30 (bring some vegan and vegetarian food to share) before the AGM starts at 1.30 – 2.30 finish.
All welcome.
  1. Motivation
  2. Welcome and apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of last AGM – 30th October 2016
  4. Chair’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Director’s Report
  7. SPC Report
  8. Other reports
  9. Q&A
  10. Resignation and Appointment of Trustees
  11. Any other Business
  12. Dedication
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Campaign News – 1 year on…

It was exactly 1 year ago this week that we launched our campaign to find a new, permanent home for our centreA lot has happened since then, so it’s a good time to look back and rejoice and review our plans for the coming years.

View the newsletter here:




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