Navigating the Coming Storm

Collapse, Deep Adaptation and the New Civilisation

A Half Day Workshop led by Andy Wistreich, with David Midgley and Rowena Field

20thJune 14.00-17.00 BST

A storm is brewing. The wind is already up and the waves are beginning to get choppy. Covid19 seems to have stripped back some of the veneer concealing the reality of our collective fragility. Covid19 is but an example of human-made ecological disaster. Mother nature is getting twitchy, and so are many of us.

The coming storm will create wreckage on a scale we haven’t yet seen in our lifetimes. Remember the images of how Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas last year, or of the fires sweeping through Australia. Collapse of the ecology, agriculture, the economy, the geo-political structures and the social order is going global. In many parts of the world it’s already underway.

In this seminar we will recognise the collapse with open eyes. We will investigate the deep adaptation required of us collectively and individually, in order to come through it, to the possibility for a new sustainable civilisation that many are starting to create already.

The seminar will be divided into three sections of just under one hour each, with short comfort breaks between. Each section will include an introductory talk and a participatory activity, including discussions in breakout groups. There will also be meditations to help ground us in a resilient heart space.

Developing resilience will enable us to navigate the storm successfully, and reach the dry land of a better world. This process will involve ecological, social and personal transformation.

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