Eco-Dharma Study Group

The second series of Eco-Dharma talks and meditations will take place in Spring 2021

You can view the talks and meditations from the first series here

This course looks through a Buddhist lens at various aspects of the relationship between ourselves and the natural environment, which we tend to consider as something separate from ourselves that we can use for our benefit, whereas in reality the natural world is the great Body of Life itself, of which we are just one part, and which we abuse at our peril.

The first series of Eco-Dharma talks was given during April – July for Jamyang Buddhist Group York. Each week David led a meditation and gave a talk on a different Eco-Dharma topic; here are some of the topics that were covered:

Gaia Theory; Deep Adaptation; Climate Change – Is there Hope? Thich Nhat Hanh on Ecological Collapse; Can we create a Transformation of Consciousness? What is Eco-dharma? Action for an Ecological World. To view the talks and meditations from the previous series, visit the YouTube playlist. Background information relevant to the course can be found on our Eco-Dharma Resources page.