Eco-Dharma Study Group 

Started by the Jamyang York Buddhist Group, and led by David Midgley, this group met for 12 weeks during the Summer term and will reconvene in September (start date to be announced). This is an opportunity for meditation, study and discussion on different perspectives on the environmental crisis and how we can best deepen our understanding as a basis for action.

Each week David has been leading a meditation and giving a talk on a different topic; to view previous talks and meditations, visit the YouTube playlist or click the links below:

  • Global Social Witnessing – deepening our awareness of the collective state of humanity and the Earth.  Meditation
  • Left Brain, Right Brain – the two sides of our brain perceive reality in different ways; cultivating the intuitive awareness of the right side of the brain helps us to gain a holistic, empathic understanding of our relationship to the natural world  Meditation
  • Gaia Theory – recent science indicates that the Earth can be understood as a single living entity, with both its living and non-living parts existing in complete interdependence.  Meditation
  • Deep Adaptation – it may now be too late to prevent severe climate change and massive disruption to the Earths ecosystem.  How should we respond to the challenges this poses?  Meditation
  • Climate Change – is there hope?  The jury is still out!  Meditation
  • What is Eco-Dharma?  The Buddhist response to ecological crisis  is becoming a movement in its own right.  Meditation
  • Thich Nhat Hanh on Ecological Collapse – one of the greatest living Buddhist masters speaks movingly about our predicament and how we need to respond to it.  Meditation
  • Can we create a transformation of consciousness?  Increasingly, leading voices are saying this is the most crucial question in relation to the ecological crisis we face.  Buddhists may have a special role to play!  Meditation
  • Action for an Ecological World – There are signs that this consciousness shift is accelerating; we might see a ‘state shift’ where global change of a positive nature happens very rapidly.  Buddhist awareness may have a vital role to play in this process. Meditation
  • What We Can Do – Going beyond theory, what can we do practically and locally to play our part in creating this transformation?  Meditation

We are compiling a list of Eco-Dharma Resources – books, websites, videos, etc. – on these and other topics.  This is an important study aid if you want to go into the topics a bit more deeply.