Ecodharma Discussion Meetings

Open to everyone, focusing on a different topic each month. This is an opportunity to share views and experience and to seek to understand how we can best take this forward on an individual and/or group level from a Buddhist perspective.

Three topics have seemed particularly popular – personal lifestyle, campaigning at a political level (Extinction Rebellion, and Extinction Rebellion Buddhists etc) and the topic we began with on June 9 – a discussion on the ethical issues and environmental impact of the food we eat, especially looking at the issues of veganism and vegetarianism.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event . Hopefully it was as thought provoking an exchange of views for others as we found it ourselves. We’ve attached a list of resources that were suggested in the ‘Chat’ from the Zoom session in case anyone would like to follow these up.

One thing that emerged was that to take the food issues further it would be helpful to set up a food group within the Eco-Dharma project. If you are interested in being involved in this please do contact us at The amount of time, energy and commitment involved would be entirely what feels right for you and could vary over time. Similarly the focus of the group and the way it would operate are very open at the moment too. At this stage we’re we’re just trying to get an idea of who may be interested.

Here are the details for the July meeting

The next monthly discussion will be on Campaigning. This will be an opportunity to share views and experiences on the most effective ways to campaign on the environmental and climate crisis.
In relation to this you may want to look at the new Extinction Rebellion Buddhist website XR Buddhists – In grief and love for the Earth
Is this the most appropriate way to respond from a Buddhist perspective given that time to make a difference is so short? How does this approach compare with other forms of awareness raising and lobbying?

Date: Tuesday 14th July

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

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