Jamyang Leeds Eco-Dharma Project – Monthly Talks and Discussions

“Climate Change and Global Justice” with Paul Wielgus

Wednesday 28th October 6.30 – 8.30

Click here to join the meeting on Zoom. Please do pass on details to anyone else you know who may be interested

Paul Wielgus of Jamyang Buddhist Group Bath combines his Buddhist and secular mindfulness teaching with Eco-Dharma practices such as Joanna Macy’s ‘Work That Reconnect’; he is currently engaging in an enquiry into Buddhist attitudes to racial justice and related issues.

 He is a Buddhist practitioner and teacher of over 25 years, has a Masters in Action Inquiry from Bath University, MBSR teacher trained, Work that Reconnects trained and studied Secular Dharma for 2  years  at Bodhi College.  He brings all these skills and experience to his work including a series of Mindfulness Based courses designed to help people, including activists survive and thrive in these chaotic and uncertain times.  He is particularly interested in what Buddhism can uniquely bring to these challenging times and includes the “powerful” question for us to discuss and reflect on at the workshop

“In what ways might the Dharma mature into a force for radical social healing and justice and empower our potential for collective awakening?“