Buddhist Action Month (BAM)

Buddhist Action Month takes place in June every year and is an annual Buddhist event organised by the Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) to inspire and support social change and care for the environment amongst Buddhists of all traditions across the UK.

The theme for 2020 is … For The Earth.

Although, in current times, there are restrictions in what we can do there are still many ways we can participate …

  • Join BAM events online organised through NBO  https://www.nbo.org.uk/bam-2020-events/
  • Download the 2020 BAM Handbook which provides excellent reflections on a Buddhist response to the ecological crisis and many suggestions for personal actions and lifestyle choices as well as including a very comprehensive list of resources
  • Dedicating more time to being in Nature at this most wonderful time of year … grounding ourselves in our connection to the natural environment to better support and nurture us in the actions we take for the environment.
  • Join Jamyang Leeds workshop for Buddhist Action Month