JBCL Chaplaincy Service

As part of Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds outreach work, we offer support to the North East Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust and to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (NHS Trust) Chaplaincy Service.

The role of the chaplain is to:

  • ensure those inpatients requiring religious, pastoral and spiritual care receive appropriate attention.
  • assist staff sensitivity in these aspects of care at induction and through other forms of in-service training.
  • be available to staff who may have ethical or other concerns arising from their work.

The term chaplain refers to a clergy person or layperson who has been commissioned by a faith group or an organisation to provide pastoral services in an institution, organisation or government entity. Chaplaincy refers to the general activity performed by a chaplain, which may include crisis ministry, counselling, sacraments, worship, education, help in ethical decision-making, staff support, clergy contact and community or church coordination.

Chaplaincy may be provided by an institution such as a general or mental hospital, prison, school, or college, by a business organisation, or the armed forces. Although many faith groups and institutions use “pastoral care” synonymously with “chaplaincy services,” some prefer to use “pastoral care” to refer to any services performed by either ordained or non-ordained persons, but reserve “chaplaincy services” for activities performed by ordained ministers, priests, or rabbis.


If you or your family are attending or staying at Leeds General Infirmary, St. James Hospital, or Chapel Allerton Hospital you can arrange a visit by contacting our chaplain directly or by calling the Chaplaincy Service. Alternatively you can ask a member of the nursing team to contact the Buddhist chaplain for you.

Please be aware that this post is a staffed by a volunteer who is not a paid staff member.


No, the chaplains offer religious, pastoral and spiritual care during your stay in hospital whatever your spiritual path, faith or non-faith. During your stay in the hospital if you wish to see the Buddhist chaplain, please mention to the nursing team that you are either of a particular Buddhist tradition or generally interested in a Buddhist perspective and they can contact the chaplaincy service. The chaplain is there to offer guidance and support, not to promote a particular faith.

Occasionally, depending on the chaplains availability, meditation sessions are offered at St. James Hospital or Leeds General Infirmary. For more information about dates and times, please contact our chaplain directly.

These sessions are open to all hospital staff, patients and visitors and run along side Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds meditation sessions.


Yes. If you receive hospice care or have a relative who is receiving hospice care and you would like a visit from the Buddhist chaplain then either request a visit via the hospice staff or contact the chaplain directly.


JBCL holds pujas (chanted prayer sessions) on a regular basis and you may wish to add your loved one’s name to the dedication list and/or sponsor a puja to make offerings for the shrine or the running of the centre on behalf of your loved one to generate merit for them.

If you wish to add a name to the dedication list or sponsor a puja, please contact JBCL via email: smile@jamyangleeds.co.uk

If you have any enquiries or comments regarding Buddhist chaplaincy please e-mail the chaplain below.

Contact Details:

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Volunteer Buddhist Chaplain – Roy Poulter

Tel: 07481 538 094 or 0113 250 9353
E-mail: roy.poulter@hotmail.co.uk

Any comments or queries regarding Chaplaincy Services at Leeds Teaching Hospitals should be directed to:

Chaplaincy Secretary
Tel: 0113 206 4365
E-mail: chaplaincy@leedsth.nhs.uk

Website: Leeds Teaching Hospitals Chaplaincy Services

North East Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Volunteer Buddhist Chaplain – Roy Poulter

Tel: 07481 538 094 or 0113 250 9353
E-mail: roy.poulter@hotmail.co.uk

Any comments or queries regarding Chaplaincy Services at North East Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust should be directed to:

Chaplaincy Secretary
Tel: 01724 282282  Ext: 302489
E-mail: terrie.young@nhs.net

Website: http://www.nlg.nhs.uk/services/chaplaincy/

Download Your Personal Death Plan

Your Personal Death Plan is what you would like your family, friends and Buddhist Community to do before, during and after your death, including your funeral plan.

This new document has been created so you can plan your death carefully and share your plans with friends, family and local authorities. It follows carefully the advice of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, as well as sections on practical issues like funeral arrangements. This is the first in a series of booklets Jamyang Leeds is creating to help you with passing to the next life.



All the recommended prayers are available as a free pdf called “How to Help your loved ones Enjoy Death and go Happily to their Next Rebirth” by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. This book also has more information on the death process and is highly recommended reading. Copies are also available in the Jamyang Leeds library.