Our Teams

Since we moved into the new buiding in February 2019, we’ve had help from so many volunteers: Centre of Compassion Liverpool, The Buddhist Meditation Society at Leeds University, Bob Charlton & the Leeds English Language School, the local Tibetan and Nepalise community, locals from literally next door, others from local charities and support groups, Lou Beaumont, Land of Joy, Jamyang London, Joe Browns (Tony, Simon & Darran), local councillors, all in all we calculated 150 people helped in our first few months. Our management team meets once a week and all our volunteers and staff meet once a month.

We have divided operations into a few areas:

  • Admin & Hospitatlity (managed by House Manager Kieran Conway)
  • Spiritual Programme (Coordinator David Midgley)
  • Secular Programme (Coorindinator Lynne Dowson)
  • Cafe (Jay Simpson)
  • Shop (Jeannie Hay)
  • Library (Tim Smith)
  • Outreach (Various including Roy Poulter)
  • Marketing (Alex Preslavski)
  • Trustees (Chair Ken Lunn, Secretary Marie-Odille Leconte, Rececca Freer, Unjyn Park, David Midgley, Rowena Field)
  • Director (Kerry Prest)

Admin & Hospitality

When you arrive at the centre you’ll be welcomed by our reception and admin team. Our house manager is Kieran Conway, supported by Amy Pearson on reception and Marie-Odille Leconte in the office taking care of bookings, banking and keeping things in order! We’re delighted to have Alex Preslavski with us as a volunteer on social media marketing.

Previous House/Centre Mangers have included: Rebecca Freer, Anette Akrill and Jamie Harwood.

Events & Classes

David Midgley runs our Spiritual Programme and also teaches frequently at Buddhist classes. Lynne Dowson runs the Secular Programme (yoga, tai chi, mindfulness) and also teaches mindfulness as well as running her own guidance counselling service from the centre. We have a wondeful team of class facilitators and leaders including Melissa Canavan, Sarah Metcalfe, Celia Chambers, Jonathan Eyre, Tim Smith, Adam Bowley, Chrissie Martindale, Fiona Oliver in suporting our retreats and catering.

We have a wonderful team of Designers and graphics support: Dom Briggs has been helping us with design and our website for many years and we’re so grateful, plus we have help from Mark Gatter, Marta Madrid and Elena Schaedel. We also have IT support from Andrew Asquith.

Preivous SPCs have included: Ven. Mary Reavey, Bob Charlton and Fiona Oliver.

Happy Yak Cafe

The cafe is managed by our inspirational Jay Simpson and his dedicated team: Pat, Pete, Angela and Tenzin. Mikey & John also help with regular maintance issues and Celia does a wonderful job with the interior design.

Mark Winckles set up the cafe when we first started and still helps from time to time.

Buddhist Shop & Charity Shop

Our Buddhist shop and Charity shop are run by Jeannie Hay and her amazing team: Celia, Ellie, Jan, Lisa, Megan, Mikey and Tom. Members of Jeannie’s extended family also offer kind support in many ways! (the recent #Bookstop for example).

Outreach Team

Our Chaplaincy Team has gone from strength to strength under the direction of Roy Poulter. His team now consists of Melissa Canavan (prisons), Rowena Field (York hospitals), Cesare Gallozi (Leeds hospitals) and many more around the North of England. Jacqui Ingram helps with our school visits, Ken Lunn and Lynne Dowson offer mindfulness classes for local groups and businesses, David Midgley supports our Buddhist groups in York, Liverpool and Hull, Kerry Prest helps our group in Cluj, Romania, and David Midgley also supports the work of local interfaith groups.

Our Trustees & Director

Our wonderful team of trustees meet 3-4 times a year to check the centre functions properly and fulfils its charitable aims. The trustees are skillfully led by chair Ken Lunn, and supported by the other trustees David Midgley, Rebecca Freer, Rowena Field, Unjyn Park, Marie-Odille Leconte and Jay Simpson. Director Kerry Prest was appointed in September 2015 and has helped the centre move twice since then.

Our first Director (and Founder) was David Midgley, followed by Jan Metcalfe, Gabrielle Hamilton and Wendy Ridley.

The board has been supported by many Treasurers and financial advisors over the years. Most notably Berni, Bob Charlton, Paul Stansfield and most recently Ken Lunn.

Past Trustees who have offered service to Jamyang Leeds are: Brian Goodhall, David Midgley, Lorri Tolan, Mike Murray, Stephen Cragg, Wendy Ridley, David Gray, Gill Niven, Sian Thompson, Tom Sidebottom, Jay Simpson, Andrew Sugden, Andrew Asquith, Charlotte Forster, Craig Skeet, Paul Stansfield, Sarah Metcalfe and Fiona Meth.