Introduction to Buddhism

Join us for Jamyang Leeds’ new Introduction to Buddhism course from Thursday 20th Feb to Thursday 9th April .

This 8 week programme is an exciting opportunity to explore a range of Buddhist teachings and practices, gain an understanding of how they can positively impact your life, and plan for how to develop your practice and live better.

Each week we will explore a new topic, from the Buddha’s story, to meditation, karma, and compassion. There will be opportunities for meditation, discussions, and questions, and the visual presentation will be made available in the accompanying workbook.

This course is suitable for beginners or for those with an established Dharma practice who wish to revisit the core Buddhist teachings, their progress and motivation.

  • Course 1 runs from 20 Feb 2020 – 9 April 2020

  • Suggested donation: £6 per session

  • Whole Course: £40

  • Thursday evenings 6.30pm-8:30pm


WEEK ONE: Introducing the Mind & Buddha’s Life Story

In session one we explore how the mind is the source of all our experiences, and how we can use meditation to train and care for the mind. We also introduce ourselves to the Buddha’s story and how he came to give his first teaching; the Four Noble Truths.

WEEK TWO: First Noble Truth

Every being experiences suffering, this is the nature of our reality. In the First Noble Truth the Buddha taught us that it is important we understand suffering so we are then able to make changes and feel happier.

WEEK THREE: Second Noble Truth – part 1

In session 3 we start to explore the causes of the suffering we experience. This is part one of the Second Noble Truth where we learn how delusions influence our mind.

WEEK FOUR: Second Noble Truth – part 2

This is part 2 of the Second Noble Truth. In this session we learn what Karma is, and how our actions create our experiences.

WEEK FIVE: Third Noble Truth

In this session we learn about the Third Noble Truth which teaches us that there is an alternative. We explore what the Buddha taught us about this becoming free from suffering, and experiencing peace and happiness.

WEEK SIX: Fourth Noble Truth – part 1

In session 6 we start to explore what the Buddha taught us in the Fourth Noble Truth. It is this part of the course where we start to look at what we can do to improve our lives and experience less suffering.

WEEK SEVEN: Fourth Noble Truth – part 2

In this session, we continue to explore how we should live if we wish to feel happier and more peaceful.


The final session and a chance to review what we have learned during the course and consider how we can use this to live a happier life.


After each week we’ll post here the materials for you to download including: PowerPoint Slides, Handouts, Audio files of the meditations and links to further reading and videos.