Join us for our newest course in 2020. This 6-week programme is an experiential learning platform where you can explore what exactly is meditation, why are so many people talking about it, why is it now being used in schools and businesses across the world, what is the science behind it, and how can I use it in my work and family life?

Each week you’ll have the chance to experience two meditations, listen to guided explanations by trained facilitators, discuss and ask questions, and receive access to handouts, audio, and PowerPoint slides from each week’s class. You’ll also have the opportunity to follow “at home” exercises in-between classes and receive feedback on your progress. At the end of the six-weeks you’ll recieve a certificate.

This course is suitable for beginners or for those with an established meditation practice.

  • Course runs from 28th September 2020 – 08 November 2020

  • Suggested donation: £6 per session or reduced to £30 for all six sessions if booked advance

  • Monday evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm

Use this course to then train your own staff, students, or just use for your own practice. 


WEEK ONE: Introducing Meditation

What is meditation? The two types. Why meditate and the benefits. The scientific evidence.

WEEK TWO: The Body

Seven point posture. Conducive conditions for meditation. Body Scan.


Mindfulness and Introspection. Happiness and Suffering, changing the balance with meditation. The different types of analytical meditation.

WEEK FOUR: Obstacles and Antidotes

Avoiding the extremes. Obstacles and their antidotes. Setting up a daily routine

WEEK FIVE: Objects & Mindfulness

Different objects for different benefits. Which meditation to chose? Mindfulness in everyday life. Nine-round breathing meditation. Visualisation in meditation.

WEEK SIX: Conclusions

Summary of all the material so far. Remembering why one meditates. Suggested reading and next steps. Keeping a practice going, support from groups and retreats.

After each week we’ll post here the materials for you to download including: PowerPoint Slides, Handouts, Audio files of the meditations and links to further reading and videos.