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Dr Joey Weber invites you to join a two-hour workshop disseminating his key research findings in relation to equanimity and its role in facilitating positive mental states and mental well-being. This timely exploration synthesises contemporary mindfulness and Buddhist wisdom. His research promotes secular equanimity via a scientifically validated psychometric scale that demonstrates barriers to equanimity. He is interested in fine tuning the therapeutic processes within current mindfulness and believes understanding barriers to equanimity is the perfect gift to dampen the flames of divisiveness that are so visible in today’s society. The session will be interactive with a talk, guided meditation and an opportunity for discussion, questions and answers.

Joey is a Lecturer in Health and Social care at the University of Bolton. His PhD thesis entitled ‘The role of equanimity in the facilitation of positive mental states‘, focuses on barriers to equanimity within the provinces of health and well-being. For a full list of his published articles and some downloadable articles access :

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