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The ever-popular Venerable Robina Courtin visits Clyde Works for the first time, with teachings to inspire us to look beyond our own situation and use our spiritual practice to benefit those around us and the wider world.

FRIDAY 28th FEB: 6:30pm-8:30pm
SATURDAY 29th FEB: 10am-5pm
SUNDAY 1ST MAR: 10am-5pm

From a recent talk by Ven. Robina:

‘So you’ve got compassion. This is evident. You see the world. You see the harm that people are doing that’s going to harm the environment, and people, and you have compassion. Correct? Right. But then you say, “But I get anxious and worry, and can’t control my emotions.” Now that simply proves you haven’t done enough wisdom work yet. You haven’t given up your attachment yet.

And this wisdom gives you clarity, and fulfilment, and contentment, and then informs your compassion, and gives iron, and courage, and strength to it. So every time you see suffering, you go, “Oh my God, look at the consequences, no one knows what they’re doing. I must never give up working to help others to make the planet a better place.” That’s the answer.’

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