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UKABS will soon host the annual UKABS Scholar/Practitioner Workshop, to be held in Leeds on Saturday 16th November, 2019, at Jamyang Leeds. This will be the third Scholar/Practitioner event that UKABS has held, and each one has been a really fulfilling and interesting day, bringing scholars of Buddhism together with Buddhist practitioners to talk about key issues that interest us both.

The theme of this year’s workshop is Karma and Rebirth. You can find a full programme below.

This is a full day of Buddhist-themed events planned to tempt you to sunny Leeds. From 9/9.30am, a group of Tibetan monks will be completing a sand mandala which we can view prior to the workshop. The workshop will run from 10 until 4.30pm. At 5pm, (with refreshments) Dr Caroline Starkey will be officially launching her new monograph, Women in British Buddhism, and following this, we will be treated to a performance of sacred Tibetan dancing, finishing at 8pm.

The cost of the full day is only £5, and both a vegetarian lunch and later refreshments are included. 

We really hope to see many of you there – it promises to be an excellent day of Buddhist-themed events!

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Dr Starkey, stating if you have any particular dietary requirements (c.starkey@leeds.ac.uk). 



UK Association for Buddhist Studies Scholar-Practitioner Event, also featuring Sand Mandala, Women in British Buddhism book launch, and sacred dancing

Saturday, November 16th,

2019 AT Jamyang Buddhist Centre, Leeds, Clyde Works, Ingram Road, Leeds LS11 9RQ

The UK Association for Buddhist Studies, together with Jamyang Leeds, warmly invite you to a full day of Buddhist Studies events on the 16th November, which include seeing the completion of a sand mandala, our annual Scholar/Practitioner workshop, the launch of Dr Caroline Starkey’s new book, Women in British Buddhism, and a sacred dancing performance. This will be a full and fruitful day, and all are welcome.

The annual Scholar/Practitioner event theme is ‘Karma and Rebirth’.

There will be talks by:

John Peacock (who works with Stephen Batchelor at Bodhi College), on the perspective of ‘secular Buddhists’,

Rhona Sayer on the Geluk Tibetan Buddhist perspective,

Peter Harvey on the Theravāda (especially Samatha Trust) perspective

…and others.

There will also be several discussion workshops, on issues such as:

the role and nature of ‘belief’ in rebirth and karma, attitudes the various rebirth realms, including the many deva levels, teaching and introducing karma and rebirth to a convert/Western audience experiences which may be seen to point to memories of past lives.

The aim of the Scholar/Practitioner event is to bring together academics and practitioners (and those who are  both!) to share talks and conversations about important Buddhist topics. They are informal, collegiate events, where everyone is welcome.

At 5pm, Dr Caroline Starkey’s new book, Women in British Buddhism, will be officially launched. All are welcome to hear about the book and this important topic. Refreshments will be available!

The provisional agenda for the day is:

9.00 – 10.00 Completion of a sand mandala

10.30 – 4.30 Scholar Practitioner Event

5.00 – 6.30 Launch of Women in British Buddhism (refreshments available)

7.00 – 8pm: Tibetan Sacred Dancing Performance

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