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A shrine or altar in Tibetan Buddhism is a physical representation that reminds us of the qualities that we want to develop. It also acts as a base in the presence of which we can meditate, make offerings to the Buddhas, do purification practices and so on. Many Buddhist have a small shrine at home, a quiet place to reflect on the teachings and engage in their own spiritual practice.

On this workshop, Geshe Samten will explain how to set up a shrine and the meaning behind the different elements, before explaining the preparatory practices to meditation that prepare our environment, bodies, and minds to be open to the presence of the enlightened ones. Geshe Samten will also show us how to make water bowl offerings that help us to develop a generous, giving state of mind and get the best from our meditation practice.

In the afternoon Geshe Samten will teach kriya mudras (symbolic hand gestures used in a puja or prayer ceremony) before leading a Tara sadhana. A sadhana is a text describing a guided meditation that helps to strengthens our connection with the enlightened qualities of all the Buddhas.

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