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Join us for the last event of 2019, a puja (Lama Chopa), a talk by Drepung Monk Khenchen Rinpoche, and social.

This year is the 600th anniversary of Lama Tsongkhapa’s parinirvana (passing away). Lama Tsongkhapa is the founder of our lineage of Tibetan Buddhism (Gelug) and wrote many important texts including Lamrim commentaries (steps on the path to enlightenment).

  • LAMA CHOPA PUJA: this chanting meditation is a wonderful way to sing, meditate, share food together as part of the practice, visualise, think about the path to enlightenment and practice what is one of the main pujas of our tradition. Children are also welcome, donations of food, drink, flowers etc. are welome for the puja.
  • TALK: We’re delighted to welcome Khenchen Rinpoche from Drepung Monastery to give a talk about the significance of the day and of Lama Tsongkhapa’s life and work. Rinpoche is here for the next year in Leeds studying English and it’s a great honor to welcome him to the centre for his first public talk here.
  • SOCIAL: A chance to chat, meet Khenchen Rinpoche, have a look at the shop for last minute gifts, and enjoy the offerings made during the puja. All welcome.

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About Lama Tsongkhapa

Read more about Lama Tsongkhapa Here.

Watch this talk about a new Biography of Lama Tsongkhapa by Thubten Jinpa given at Jamyang London this year. 

Link to the new biography.

About Khenchen Rinpoche

Watch the documentary about Khenchen Rinpoche here

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