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Lama Chopa Puja – Offering to the Spiritual Guides

The practice of making offerings to the enlightened beings is viewed as extremely important in our Buddhist tradition.  It brings us closer to enlightenment ourselves and brings many other benefits, both to oneself individually and to the spiritual community, the Dharma Centre. The Lama Chopa practice is very beautiful and profound – it is a great opportunity to meet and celebrate together as a community.  Lama Zopa Rinpoche strongly recommends we should do this practice regularly so you are warmly invited to attend, chant, listen, meditate and enjoy some blessed food!

Today we will be joining with Nalanda Monastery in France to share in their puja. The puja will be streamed live on Nalanda’s Facebook page at 6.00pm UK time. Please note you do not need to have a Facebook account to access the livestream.

The link to Nalanda’s Facebook page is https://facebook.com/Nalanda.Monastery/

If you wish to download the text for the puja with accompanying notes, you can do so at: https://bit.ly/2VS2BjR

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