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Join us for a very special Lama Chopa puja with Tibetan Buddhist monk Geshe Tashi Tsering. Geshe-La has been the resident Spiritual teacher for our tradition in the UK for 24 years, and has been teaching at Jamyang Leeds for over twenty years!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has appointed Geshe Tashi as the Abbot of Sera monastery in South India, so we are saying goodbye to our inspirational teacher with a very special community Lama Chopa puja (chanted prayer ceremony) followed by tea and cake on Saturday 5th May.

Lama Chopa (Offering to the Spiritual Guide) is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist puja where we make prayers and offerings to all the teachers and Lamas of our tradition beginning with Shakyamuni Buddha and extending to our present teachers and Lamas who have shown us the spiritual path.

We request the Spiritual Guides to bless our minds with the same realisations that they themselves have cultivated. By offering sincere, heartfelt requests our minds can receive the full blessings of this precious Tibetan Buddhist lineage and quickly actualise the realisations of the path.

Feel free to bring offerings for the shrine (for example biscuits, fruit, flowers) and cake to share. If you wish to make an offering to Geshe Tashi there will be an opportunity to do so after the puja.

All welcome, community members old and new, Buddhists and non-Buddhists!