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with Geshe Samten

Lama Chopa is a practice of guru devotion special to the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. In Sanskrit, lama is guru, and chopa is offering, so Lama Chopa translates into English as “offering to the spiritual guide.”

In the Gelugpa tradition, there are many guru yoga sadhanas (chanted prayer ceremonies), but Lama Chopa is the most popular and sacred text.

Lama Chopa became so popular in Tibet and Mongolia that almost every monk of the Gelugpa tradition had it memorised, and recited it on a daily basis, both in the temple as a group practice, and individually.

Lama Chopa is considered to be an Anuttarayoga Tantra or Highest Yoga Tantra practice. As indicated by the opening words, “Arising within the sphere of great bliss, I manifest as a Guru Yidam,” it contains the idea of personal transformation through the practitioner merging his or her mind with the guru as the meditational deity. The essence of the practice is to see the guru as an Enlightened Being, a Buddha, and to receive his or her blessings in return.

On this workshop, Geshe Samten will show how to set up the gompa and shrine for Lama Chopa and explain the details of the rituals associated with the practice. He will also teach the mudras (sacred hand gestures) associated with this practice and for those with HYT initiation, how to use the vajra and bell, symbolic representations of wisdom and compassion.

Geshe Samten will then lead the Lama Chopa puja, with necessary pauses to explain the meaning and how to do the puja correctly.

It is not necessary to have received a HYT initiation to attend this workshop. Geshe Samten will explain how to do this practice if you have not. This workshop is for those with an interest in Tibetan Buddhism and the Gelug lineage.

Suggested workshop donation £25

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