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with Paula Chichester (Nyingje)

Saturday 19 October, 10:30 – 17:30 and Sunday 20 October 10:30 – 16:30 

Mahamudra, a Sanskrit word meaning “great seal” refers to a Buddhist meditation practice focused on the nature of the mind. The distinctive characteristic of Mahamudra is that it focuses on the mind itself, and its intimate relationship with both the world of conventional appearances and ultimate reality (emptiness, the true nature of self and all phenomena).
Once we relax into a recognition of the basic bare nature of essential being, we begin to feel how losing this recognition allows our disturbing emotions and compulsive behaviour to take over our thoughts and experience.
Familiarity with basic being, which can lead to mahamudra, allows us to let go and be less affected by the outer appearances and experiences of life. We begin to identify with our inner, pure being and thus become more emotionally independent and contented with the present moment. We are also free to love and care for others unconditionally.
Mahamudra meditation is a highly effective method for attaining insight and freedom from disturbing mental and physical discomfort, and for becoming enlightened, but only when it is undertaken on a firm foundation of Lamrim, the meditations and realisations on the stages of the spiritual path.
On this introductory weekend course, experienced Buddhist teacher and meditator Paula Chichester (Nyingje) will guide us to an understanding and appreciation of mahamudra with meditation instructions and practices, discussions and Q& As. The course will also incorporate some gentle exercises inspired by Chi Gong.
This course is suitable for beginners looking to deepen their understanding of mahamudra practice, and as a refresher for those with some experience of the study and practice of this meditation technique.

About the Teacher:

Paula Chichester is extremely grateful to study under the great Tibetan Lamas of our time and to have Lama Thubten Yeshe and Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche as her personal guides on the path to enlightenment. After spending the last 36 years in full-time pursuit of Dharma realisations through study and retreat, she is happy to share with others the insights and experiences that make life and meditation full of joy, love, peace, authenticity, spontaneity and meaning. 

Suggested donation £25 per day / £50 for the weekend. 
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