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FRIDAY 28th FEB: 6:30pm-8:30pm
SATURDAY 29th FEB: 10am-5pm
SUNDAY 1ST MAR: 10am-5pm

Bodhichitta, or the Mind of Enlightenment – the courageous attitude of great compassion that strives for enlightenment for the sake of others – has been praised by all the great masters of Mahayana Buddhism as the most important spiritual quality for everyone who wishes to bring their own sufferings and those of others to an end.  It is especially relevant in today’s world where there is an explosion of suffering and danger of social and environmental breakdown – the mind of Bodhichitta offers a constructive alternative to responses of despair, cynicism or escapism that can easily overtake us in such circumstances.

Venerable Robina is a dedicated practitioner of this path and will explain how it is possible for anyone to develop such a positive mindset through progressive, step-by-step training, offering an opportunity for genuine, lasting fulfilment in life through service to others and mental development.

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