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Entering the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life: Emptiness

An Online Weekend with Andy Wistreich

Friday 2nd October, 7.00- 9.00pm, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October 10:30 am-5.30 pm

On Saturday and Sunday lunch breaks will be from 1-2 pm. There will be a half hour break during each morning and afternoon session. 

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Meeting ID: 106 422 728

‘Entering the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ by Shantideva, is one of the most famous of all Mahayana Buddhist texts. Practical, timeless, profound and even disturbing in places, within its verses can be found the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment based around the framework of the six perfections – generosity, ethics, patience, enthusiasm, meditation and wisdom.

Emptiness is the ultimate nature of everything. We can understand this intellectually by doing some study, such as attending this weekend course. However, the actual aim is to train in meditation leading to direct non-conceptual realisation of this ultimate nature of everything. This eventually cancels out our beginningless stream of ignorance, which is the root of all our delusions, afflictive emotions, karma and sources of suffering. This ignorance experiences and believes in everything in a manner totally opposite to the truth of how things exist. By realising emptiness, we put an end to the distorted view that is the source of all suffering, forever, and we are enabled to offer to others a true and reliable medicine for all their problems. This weekend will take us towards correct knowledge of emptiness, reliable wisdom.

Andy has been teaching this text over a series of visits to Leeds and this online weekend will continue the teaching with the ninth chapter on emptiness –  understanding how to see things as they really are, and how they appear. This course is suitable for those with a basic knowledge of Buddhism.

The version of the text that we will be using is Practicing Wisdom by the Dalai Lama. Unfortunately the hard copy of the book is presently is out of print, but various electronic versions (including Kindle) can be purchased by following this link: https://www.simonandschuster.co.uk/books/Practicing-Wisdom/Dalai-Lama/9780861717484

We also hope to have a PDF copy of the relevant root text available for download on the day.

About the teacher: 

Andy Wistreich was born in England in 1950 and spent most of his career in further education. During the eighties, he began to practise and later teach Buddhism, leading and undertaking retreats, and became a regular teacher at FPMT centres in the UK.  He has co-ordinated the establishment of Land of Joy, the FPMT retreat centre in the UK, and a secular meditation class in Bristol and Taunton. His commitment to spreading the Buddha’s teachings is firmly based in his concern for the planet and the beings who share it. With his wife, Shan, he co-founded Saraswati Study Group in Somerset in 1992. He is registered with FPMT to teach up to Basic Programme level and to lead retreats. Andy has led numerous retreats on the Kalacakra practice in FPMT centres in England, France, Russia, USA, Spain and India. Andy has been practising Kalacakra since 1981, and is a co-founder of the International Kalacakra Network.

Suggested donation: £6 Friday evening, £25 per day for Saturday and Sunday

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