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Eco-Dharma Course

An online course, every Wednesday 6:30 – 8:30 pm, from September 23 to December 9

This course looks through a Buddhist lens at various aspects of the relationship between ourselves and the natural environment, which we tend to consider as something separate from ourselves that we can use for our benefit. In reality the natural world is the great Body of Life itself, of which we are just one part, and which we abuse at our peril.

How should we understand the changes that our planet and its ecosystem are going through as a result of human action, and respond in a way that will help to bring things back into balance?  How do we steer a course between false optimism and despair at the seemingly overwhelming challenges of climate change and species extinction?  What does Buddhism have to offer as we face these deep questions?

N.B. On Wednesday October 30 instead of the regular class there will be a workshop offered by Francesca Paoletti, a senior FPMT teacher who is also an environmental engineer.  The workshop is entitled ‘Global sustainability cannot happen without great compassion’

Recommended donation £6 per session

To donate, please go to  https://ssl.nochex.com/jamyangleeds/

Join using this Zoom link:


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