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Discovering Buddhism Module 4: Death & Rebirth

Tuesdays: 18:30 – 20:00 from 19 February to 19 March

Each us will die, and until that day, we’ll lose many of our closest relatives and friends.  Although death is inevitable, rarely do we spend time thinking about it – or the transient nature of all events.  According to the teachings of the Buddha, it is possible to die fearlessly and to approach death as a powerful positive spiritual experience.  

In this Discovering Buddhism Module, we will explore the process of death and rebirth and its impact on the way we live our daily lives. This reflection can encourage us to fulfil our life purpose, resolve conflicts, and develop the skills to help others and ourselves at the time of death.

Discovering Buddhism is ideal for those new to Buddhist philosophy and practise. Each of the 12 modules runs for 5 or 6 weeks and you can attend the whole module or just drop into individual classes. You don’t need to attend the whole course to deepen your understanding of different aspects of Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Drop in for individual sessions or book using the book button above. Suggested donation £6 per session.

Classes are offered freely at Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds so as many people as possible can benefit. We do not get grants and all donations go towards running the Centre. You can donate at the start of a class or online by clicking the link on the right.