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Pujas are chanted prayer ceremonies in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. They are devotional practices that lift the mind and create positive energy for yourself and others. You can join in the prayers and chanting from the sadhana (spiritual text) or simply sit, listen and enjoy the blessings. 

During the practice of Lama Chopa, we make prayers to all the Lamas of the graduated path lineage beginning with Shakyamuni Buddha himself, extending to our present teachers and Tibetan Buddhist Lamas who have shown us the spiritual path. We pay homage to them, make offerings, and request each of them to bless our minds with the same realisations that they themselves have generated. By offering sincere, heartfelt requests, we can receive the full blessings of this precious lineage and quickly actualise the stages of the spiritual path.

Please feel free to bring offerings (for example of biscuits, fruit, flowers for the shrine) or to make a donation for the Centre.

All welcome.

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