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Pujas are chanted prayer ceremonies in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. They are devotional practices that lift the mind and create positive energy for yourself and others. You can join in the prayers and chanting from the sadhana (spiritual text) or simply sit, listen and enjoy the blessings. 

Chittamani Tara Puja is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice that offers prayers and mantras to Chittamani Tara, the source of swift assistance in all temporal and spiritual matters.

Chittamani Tara is the female personification of the enlightened mind. She is known as the Liberator, an embodiment of enlightened activity, and mother of all the Buddhas. On this ultimate level, she manifests perfect wisdom.She is called upon to bring success – including for situations involving family, relationships, business, and career – and for protection from negativities and fears. She is also invoked in times of emergency, personal distress and difficulty, health problems, for the quick removal of obstacles, and when rapid wisdom is needed.

The Chittamani Tara Puja includes mandala offerings and recitation of the Praises to the 21 Taras. Jamyang Leeds has a special relationship with the enlightened energy of Tara as we were advised to recite the 21 Praises to Tara by his H E Kyabje Dagri Rinpoche for the success of the Centre and our community of practitioners.

This puja is a powerful support for our Dharma practice and for achieving both temporal and ultimate goals.

Donations or offerings (for example of biscuits, fruit, flowers for the shrine) are welcome. All welcome.