Access Statement

Please note: This statement only covers physical access information for Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds and its host building.For more details, or for information regarding an accessibility issue not detailed here, please email or call 07866 760460.

Building Entrance: Access to 31 St. Paul’s Street is gained via a brown wooden street door, next to Gap Personnel. There is a 68mm step from the pavement to the vestibule floor. The street door handle is 920mm from the floor. The door clearance is 740mm.

Access to Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds is gained via the upper intercom, located to the left of the inner vestibule door. The intercom buzzer is 1625mm from the floor. The inner door clearance is 680mm.

Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds is on the first floor of the building, and can be accessed via stairs or lift at the end of the ground floor corridor (clearance 1435mm).

Lift: The call button for the lift is 1120mm from the floor. The lift door clearance is 655mm. The lift car is 920mm from front to back, and the width of the car is 1190mm. The height of first floor control button is 1160mm.Wheelchair users will need to reverse out of the lift once they reach the first floor.

Stairs: The first floor is gained via three short banks of stairs – seven steps, eight steps, and seven steps. There is a total of 22 steps.

Entrance: Access to Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds is from the first floor hallway, with the entrance door to the immediate right of the lift and stairwell. The entrance door clearance is 880mm. Once inside the area rented by Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, all of the facilities are level access. The kitchen and communal space is accessed directly upon entry. The gompa is immediately off this room, through a door with a 790mm clearance.

WCs: Male toilets are located on the same floor as Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, directly opposite the Centre’s entrance door. Female toilets are on the second floor, to the left of the stairwell and lift.

There is a single unisex disabled toilet on the ground floor of 31 St. Paul’s Street. This is accessed through a single door with a clearance of 730mm. The light switch is to the right, inside the door, at a distance of 990mm from the floor. The width of the bathroom is 1660mm, and the depth is 3080mm. The toilet seat is 465mm from the floor, with the toilet roll dispenser to the immediate right. The tap is 840mm from the floor. The automatic hand-dryer unit is 1000mm from the floor, and the paper towel dispenser is 1025mm from the floor.